Practice Survey Reporting

Priorities agreed with the PPG


There is increasing number of patients registering with our practice. We try to maintain easy access to patients offering same day or next day appointments in most of the cases. The increasing list size is causing pressure on the practice with available appointments. The PPG was concerned about this.

The practice is interviewing and hoping to appoint additional doctors to start from September 2015. In the meantime there is a regular locum working in the practice.

Repeat Prescriptions

Making it easy for the patients to order repeat prescriptions, book appointment and also reduce the face to face exposure to reception staff.

Patients coming to the surgery to order repeat prescriptions is causing increased work load to the reception staff and also sometimes the patients will have to wait on the phone or at the front desk for long to book appointments, order or collect prescriptions.

Our practice has Joined the Vision online services. This is a better system for ordering repeat prescriptions than the previous system. This let the patient access their repeat prescription list and choose the drugs required. In addition they are able to pre book appointments and cancel appointments. If you would like to use this service, please register for online services by completing our online form.

Communicating Information to Patients

This was identified by the practice. There are so many notices displayed in the waiting room. Some of them are important but difficult for the patients to see. We wanted to try and display all the information in one place

We used to have a TV screen displaying various useful information for the patients. This was not used for nearly 2 years after the supplier stopped trading. We set up a PC to transmit useful data to the TV in the waiting area. This was able to use only a power point presentation. Fortunately the CCG is funding display screen to be installed in the surgery and this will make it much easier and will provide variety of health information including health promotion.

This will help us to communicate important messages like vaccination schedules, health promotion information etc. to the patients.

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